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Photo/Document Restoration

Do you have an old family photograph or a wedding picture or document you want preserved for the future?   The photograph or document might even be seriously damaged.  We can help by restoring the photo or document and printing it on a metal plate.  See our "Sublimation Info" for the details on the process.

The best way to show what is possible is to show an example of our work.

The first image below is a wedding certificate more than 70 years old.  The certificate was stored in various places like dresser drawers, closets, suitcases and various other locations.  During the 70 years, the certificate was seriously damaged and was, in fact, torn into five pieces.  We had to tape it together to even do a scan to get an image.  You can see the tape in several spots. 

The image below is the restored section of the wedding certificate after extensive retouching.   The completed document printed on a metal plate and mounted on a plaque may be seen in our "Photo's On Plaques" section.

Pricing for Restoration

If we are making a custom plaque with a photo or document printed on a metal plate, we include 20 minutes of retouching and color adjustment.   If the photo requires extensive retouching, we charge $50 per hour for that type of work.  As an example, the wedding certificate repairs and restoration required 3 hours of work since the damage was so extensive.

If we determine that your photo will require more than the allowed 20 minutes, we will advise you before the work begins so that you have the option to proceed or not.

Based on our experience, most photos and documents can be retouched and adjusted within the 20 minute allowed time.

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