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Sublimation Info

You may have seen cups which have a print design or pictures printed on a metal base, or even mouse pads with a design which appears to below the surface.  If you rub your finger lightly over the surface, it will be very smooth with no raised areas.  These products are generally manufactured using a process called sublimation printing.  

We have composed a simple explanation of how this process works.

 is the transition of a substance from the solid phase to the gas phase without passing through an intermediate liquid phase.  In sublimation printing, a dried ink or toner print is placed against a material you wish to print..The combined sandwich is heated under pressure for an appropriate time.

The material being printed is coated with a polymer plastic coating.   During the heating process, the ink/toner turns directly into a gas and passes through the polymer coating to the material underneath.  When the heat is removed, the ink/toner become a solid again and you now have a print which is below the plastic surface.

A number of our products use the sublimation printing process including:
  • heirloom quality prints on metal
  • aluminum license plates
  • sublimated plates
  • coasters
Ask about other possibilities.

One major difference between sublimation printing and engraving is that sublimation printing can be in full color while engraving is a single color on a background -  for example brass lettering on a black background.

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