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Sublimated Plates

Sublimated Plates

While their purposes may be similar, sublimated plates are different from engraved plates in significant ways:
  1. Sublimation is a printing process where the printed impression is attached to the metal plate and placed  under heat and pressure to transfer the image.
  2. Sublimated plates may be full color while an engraved plate is  single color (usually brass) on a background (usually black).
Read our category called "Sublimation Info" for a brief description on what sublimation is and how the process works.

All sublimated plates are custom.  There is really no "standard" size or configuration or color.  We can make any plate size from very small to a full 8 1/2" X 11" plate.  The images below show examples.  The first is a standard 1" x 3 1/2" gold plate with blue lettering and a blue border.  

The second is a 3" X 5" memorial plate in black lettering on a gold background.

There is no real limit to what you can do.  The image can be lettering as shown in the examples or a photograph or a document or a logo - just about anything your imagination can come up with.  See our categories "Photo Restoration" and "Photo's On Plaques" for an example of a full color image plate.  

Sublimated Plate Pricing

Letters only with no image - $.25 per square inch plus $.15 per letter.  There is a minimum charge of $7.50 per plate.  For example a 1" X 3 1/2" plate with a single line and 15 characters would incur the minimum charge of $7.50 while a 1" X 3 1/2" plate with two lines and 40 characters would cost $6.88. There is no charge for the border if you want one.  The plate lettering and color can be anything which can be printed from a computer.

An Image with or without lettering - Plates with an image have an artwork charge for sizing the image so it will fit the plate correctly and adjusting color on the artwork as necessary.  The artwork charge is $12 minimum or $25 per hour if the artwork time exceeds 30 minutes.

The plate is $.25 per square inch up to 3" X 5" and $.20 per square inch if larger than 3" X 5".  If lettering is desired in addition to the image, the additional charge is $.15 per letter.

Production Time - All sublimated plates are custom but will generally be completed in 1 to 5 business days not including shipping time in transit.

Plate Colors - Gold, silver or white.

How To Order

Send us your requirements and image attachment via email to with the plate size and lettering information if desired  We will send the exact cost to you via a return email.  

See also our "How To Pay" section on how custom orders are invoiced and paid.

Ask about quantity discounts or repeat orders.

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