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How To Scan

On Sending Scans

If you are placing a custom order for a photo or document printed on a metal plate, we need an image of the item to be printed.  The scan must be high resolution at about 600DPI in a JPG format.  The better the scan, the better the resulting plate.  We can't make a suitable plate from a poor scan.  If you do not have a good scanner or your photo is too large, you can get a scan done at most office supply stores like Staples.  Most of these stores have the equipment to do high resolution scans of even large documents/photos.   Take a USB memory stick with you so they can copy the image to the stick.    You could have them write the image to a CD but this is more expensive.  Based on our recent experience,  a scan saved to a USB stick costs between $5 and $10.  Expect a CD version to cost an additional $10 or so.

If you don't have a USB flash drive, we will send you one  with your order deposit.   On request, we supply a 4GB flash drive similar to the one shown below.  To speed up your order, we will send the USB drive via priority mail at no charge.   If you want to keep the USB flash drive, we can send it back with your completed order for an additional $10.

Or, if you prefer, you may send the scan  as an attachment to

In either case, we will advise you whether the scanned image is suitable for printing.  Be sure to include your email address and telephone number.

On Sending Originals

We strongly advise sending a scan and not the original to us.  You don't want to lose your original if it is lost in transit.   If you absolutely must send the original, be sure to package it carefully and send it insured with delivery confirmation via either UPS or Fedex.

If your original has been damaged (as in our example wedding certificate), it is best to take it to an art supply or repair center to have it repaired with special tape before scanning.  You can do this yourself if you are confident you can do the work.   Take your time and work carefully.   Purchase special acid free repair tape from an art supply or craft store intended for this purpose.  Do not use standard Scotch tape as this will further damage the photo or document.

If you want us to do the repair, advise us in advance of the type of document/photo and the nature of the damage.  We will advise you via email or telephone on whether we can make the required repairs.

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