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What are my options for photo's/documents on a plaque?

There are now four options for mounting photographs or documents on plaques.

Option 1 - We print the photo or document on a metal plate and mount the plate on a plaque - with or without an engraved label.
Option 2 - You purchase a slide in frame which includes a plaque as part of the frame and slide your photo/document into the plaque.
Option 3 - You purchase a Lexan slide in frame, mount it on a plaque of your choice and slide your photo/document into the frame.
Option 4 - Design your own.  See our front page for details and link.

All are good options depending on what you want to achieve.  

Option 1 is a sublimation print on metal of your photo/document.  The picture below shows an example of a document finished in this way.   This is about as permanent as a photo or document can get.  No paper print to tear or deteriorate.  If desired, an engraved or sublimated plate with a date or description can be mounted below the picture.

Option 2 is a very easy way to display a normal photo or document.  There is no room on the plaque, however, to mount an engraved plate.

Option 3 is similar to option 1 except that you use a normal  picture or document and slide it into the frame.  The plaque can be any style or size you choose so you can allow for room for an engraved or sublimated plate.

Option 4 - This gives you the option to design your own framed picture, plaque or award and see an instant proof.  Prints are mounted on any of more than a hundred plaque styles of your choice with or without text or a logo.


Options 2 and 3 are standard stock items so they can be ordered from the appropriate category on the left.  If you want an engraved or sublimated plate, you can also order that from the categories.

Option 1 - Plaques may be ordered directly from this category.    We include 20 minutes of retouching time which should be adequate for most situations.  Be sure send us a scanned image of your photo/document via email to and include your description plate text if desired..  

Be sure to read our "How To Scan" section before sending a scanned image.  This is very important.  The quality of the finished product will depend on the quality of your scanned image.
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